Our vision:

 Aim for the sustained development ofYuncheng Group,to provide integrated solutions for print industry, to be the excellent enterprise which owns staff proud, customer trust and social responsibility.

 Our core values:

  Integrity , Selflessness, Innovation, Endeavor, Green and Sharing 

Including the management team, the upper plate of each employee, put his life and life pinned on the top, every day hard work. We want every employee to think "it's good to be on the go."!" If you can't do this, we can not provide customers with the most professional solutions, but also can not enhance the value of the enterprise, contribute to the community. According to this point of view, our business philosophy begins with the following: "two aspects of material and spiritual happiness for all employees."".
Therefore, in the pursuit of stable and prosperous economic income, we should also pursue the pride of work, the meaning of labor and the meaning of life, which is the pursuit of human spiritual enrichment. At the same time, we must work together, unite, and try our best to provide the most professional solutions for our customers.

Next, "provide the most professional solutions for customers."". This means to provide customers with the most reliable products, the fastest response, the most intimate service, the best cost-effective.

Finally, "contribute to environmental protection, safety, green and sustainable development"". This means that all of our staff should have a strong sense of innovation and indomitable spirit, and constantly develop new products, new technologies, in order to reduce energy consumption, environmental pollution. And as an industry leader, to guide the development of the industry, with conscience, take the right path, to set an example for the industry. Through fair and aboveboard methods, unremitting efforts to improve the efficiency of enterprises, to employees, shareholders, society contribution. Constantly cultivate a virtuous, noble personality of the staff, thus affecting the family, customers and community, to build a harmonious and beautiful society to contribute.

Shangyun Plate regards this enterprise idea as the common management aim and management foundation of the enterprise, and realizes the above idea through the practice of "Shang Yun philosophy".


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