What is printing color management?


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The printing company expects the color reproduction


Color management brought about by the change

  • Reduce the number of on the machine, saving printing materials and labor, improve equipment utilization.
    Want Want Group, for example, before the implementation of strict requirements on the color of the manuscript on the average number of times 3.3, after the implementation of an average of 1.3 times to 100 sets of manuscripts per year, you can save 200 times on the machine. At each time 2500 Yuan materials and labor costs, you can save 500,000 yuan. This is direct efficiency. Another indirect can also bring other benefits.
    1. Improve customer satisfaction and reduce end-user acceptance.
    2. Improve the utilization of equipment, you can do more orders. To each time on the machine time 3.5 hours, you can save 700 hours, that is, each year can be more than 30 days to make orders.

  • Significantly improve the efficiency and timing of chasing. & nbsp; general manuscript chasing time can be increased by more than 50%.
    To determine the ink, plate, printing and other related standards, there are problems can quickly determine and adjust.
    The customer samples are pre-foreseen in advance, and the part of the overprinted color gamut is advanced and communicated in advance.
    Standard printing control process, for the other single-based business better, to ensure the success rate of a sign, improve the ability to receive orders.

  • Can better guarantee the stability of batch printing
    In accordance with the color management process, in the pre-press, plate making, printing all links have strict data to control, for a product version of roller reproduction, re-printing when there is a clear data can refer to and control To better ensure the consistency of multi-batch printing.

  • For the same product in different printing plant chasing problems can also be a good solution
     For the same product in different printing plant chasing problems can also be a good solution...

Color management process


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