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Welcome Yunnan Overseas Chinese company leadership to visit the company to visit the guidance

2020-09-07 19:22:04 Yuncheng Plate Making Co.,Ltd Read

May 24, 2017, Yunnan Qiaotong Co., Ltd. a pedestrian came to a plant to visit the study tour. Site by the Group Chairman Liu Dong and the general manager of the packaging on the general manager of Wang and other relevant leaders personally warm reception.
In order to let the partners more comprehensive understanding of the Group and the transport company, on the head office of the Ministry of Human Resources Minister Ning came to our guests to explain the company's corporate culture, development process, the project
Development and so on. After the meeting, Liu Dong personally led a pedestrian to the transport packaging company to visit the German automatic line production workshop, showing our main products and product characteristics. During the guests have made a variety of curiosity and doubt, Liu Dong, Wang total to explain their questions to explain.
Through this visit, the customer of our work environment, production workshop in all aspects of praise, and to give a consistent technical recognition.

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