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Congratulations to Dongguan on the company to obtain "high-tech enterprises" certificate

2020-09-07 19:23:24 Yuncheng Plate Making Co.,Ltd Read

2017 is a new year, Dongguan on the laser plate Co., Ltd. also embarked on a new journey. At the beginning of the new year, Dongguan Shanghao won the good news - according to the national "high-tech enterprises that management approach" and "high-tech enterprises that management guidelines" relevant provisions, with a professional R & D team, strong technical strength, continuous innovation Ability, scientific enterprise management, Dongguan Shang Yun was successfully identified as state-level high-tech enterprises. Recently, the company has received from the relevant government departments in Guangdong Province jointly issued the "high-tech enterprises" that certificate, which officially entered the ranks of national high-tech enterprises.
What is the national high-tech enterprises National high-tech enterprises, also known as state-level high-tech enterprises, refers to the "national key support in the field of high-tech", continuous research and development and technology into
Fruit transformation, the formation of the core independent intellectual property rights, and as a basis for business activities in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) registered more than one year resident enterprises.
High-tech enterprises is the country to support and encourage the development of high-tech enterprises, adjust the industrial structure and enhance the national economic competitiveness and the establishment of special qualification in China's economic development occupies a very important strategic position.
Strict certification process, layers of rigorous assessment of high-tech enterprises that the selection criteria are very strict. First of all, must be the focus of the state to support the strategic emerging industries, including: cultural and creative industries, the Internet industry, new energy industry, a new generation of information technology industry, bio-industry, new materials industry. At the same time, the qualification of the identified to meet the six conditions, including the core technology must have independent intellectual property rights, products or services belonging to the field of high-tech areas, scientific and technological achievements into the industry, R & D investment, scientific and technological personnel accounted for growth indicators. Therefore, the new material plate making enterprises, high-tech enterprises that is very precious.

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