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Company organization to Zhejiang Wuxie Wenzhou Nanxi River to enjoy the mountains and rivers

2020-09-07 19:22:33 Yuncheng Plate Making Co.,Ltd Read


In order to thank the hard work of employees, to create a harmonious atmosphere of the collective, on the transport of the company organized all the staff to Zhejiang Wuxie, Wenzhou Nanxi River to enjoy the mountains and rivers. Everyone in the embrace of nature, indulge in landscape, spent a happy day. Relaxation is to better put into their own work later, so that we adhering to the "pursuit of all the staff material and spiritual double happiness, leading the development of the industry, contribute to the progress and development of society," the corporate mission all the way to sing. I believe in the transport of the leaders of the company under the leadership of the people connected, hand phase pull; solid work, towards the established goal of forging ahead, will be able to a new attitude, strutting on a new journey, write a good tomorrow , Build a new glory. 

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