Laser Engraved Cylinders

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Laser Engraved Cylinders

Shanghai Yuncheng introduced the 1st environment-friendly automatic gravure cylinder production line in China, including Ni-plating, Cu-plating, grinding, laser engraving, corrosion, Cr-plating and electroplating wasted water and wasted gas recovery etc.

  • Hollow cylinders only

  • Length:500mm ~ 1400mm

  • Diameter:137mm ~ 299mm

  • Plug-in Hole Dimension:70mm ~ 105mm

  • Line:10L/cm ~ 300L/cm

  • Cell Depth:5 U ~ 70U

  • Cylinder Weight:≤80kg

  • Dot Shape:Quadrilateral, hexagonal, TB dot, custom dot etc.

  • The cylinders with special size and requirements can be processed in the traditional laser production line.

  • Press Run: Output of the newly-made cylinder reaches 800 thousand turns. The Max. repeat length can be 2.2 million meters as the practical feedback by customers.

  • Base Material: Seamless steel base erased the quality issues of welding dots and unsmooth surface caused by the former base material such as rolling plate and welded tube.

  • Stability: The production line is totally computer center-controlled, which erases the issues of unstable electroplating solvent, uneven electroplating layer thickness and not complete laser corrosion etc.

  • Pick-up volume: U-shaped cell has a larger pick-up volume and thicker ink layer. In the premise of same depth, the pick-up volume is 2.5 to 3 times as large as the electronic engraved cylinders. 
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  • Dot shape:   Compared with the single dot shape of the electronic plate, the laser dots shape can be versatile as different requirements.Yuncheng Plate Making Co.,Ltd

  • The printing results of Think Laser-engraved cylinder improved greatly compared with the jagged, weak and not solid images of electro-engraved cylinder.

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  • Based on the high resolution of 6400 dpi, the small text and pattern of the think laser-engraved cylinders are much finer than the traditional laser-engraved cylinders, the text with minimum size of 0.25mm and the line with minimum size of 0.01 mm can also be finely printed. 
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  • Based on the “shallowing" concept, the testing results show that the Think Laser-engraved cylinders can save ink consumption 10-15%, reduce VOC emissions by 25% compared with electronic one in the premise of same printing effects . br /> Yuncheng Plate Making Co.,Ltd

  • New Security Tech---- DotCode technology with special security code owns a wide range of applications. Special security code can be applied to various areas. For example, use a smart phone or a dedicated voice pen to read the special code on packaging material, then the corresponding sound and animation will be played to tell you the product is genuine or not. You can also check products online to find more information.

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  • Electroplating, engraving ---- Japan Think Laser automatic production line (Cu / Laser corrosion / Cr plating integration)           Cu plating with copper oxide instead of Cu sulfate solution reduces the Cu plating dot.

Application: all kinds of substrates for the text, lines, security version and circuit boards.

Representative customers: Unilever, Shanghai Zijiang, Haining Changhai , Zhejiang jinhang, Changzhou Huajian, Suzhou Haishun etc.

Brands: OMO, Want-Want, Chacha,999, Wuliangye, Weiwei, AL foil, Pharma package etc.

  • Packaging: painted with the protective oil before packaging, the inner side wrapped with soft material (soft paper, film etc.), outer side with blankets or corrugated paper. For long-distance shipping, the protective packaging such as wooden or steel boxes are needed.

  • Transportation: prevent from bumping, falling, rain-dropping, exposure to sunlight and chemical corrosion.

  • Notice: a. Put into production within 3 months. b. Clean the surface with solvents and check before using. c. Touch the cylinder surface with bare hands is prohibited when dismantle and move the cylinders. d. Clean the inks within 15 mins after work stops to avoid blocking of dots. e. Pack the cylinders as “#1.” requirements after cleaning.

  • Storage: Cylinder should be stored in the ventilated, dry places with temperature (-5~40)℃ and relative humidity less than 65%. Special protective measurements should be taken among storage, placed along with acid-base corrosive material is strictly prohibited.

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