Ceramic Micro-Gravure Roller

  • Introduction

  • Processing range

  • Features

  • Equipment processing

  • Applications

  • Precautions

Ceramic anilox roller is usually used as a printing roller on the printing press itself, can not carve patterns.

The ultra-fine particles of chromium oxide ceramic material are instantaneously melted by plasma spraying method, and the high-hardness ceramic coating is formed on the surface of the metal-based roll after the flame flow, and then the ceramic layer is ground and polished. The ceramic layer is formed by laser engraving. Which has both carved anilox roller ink transmission performance, but also has excellent wear strength

  • Diameter:25-600mm

  • Max work width: 4800mm, with shaft 5250mm

  • Angle: any angle

  • Cell form:hex,Line pattern, cobra, quadrangle cell, through-cut and so on.

  • Wear resistance: the layer thickness is more than 0.25mm, the hardness is over 1300HV, the press run can be over 5 million meters. The maximum printing output was 60 million meters ever as the actual feedback by the customer.

  • Corrosion resistance: the extra- NiCr under, plasma spraying technics, the corrosion resistance performance is improved over 300%

  • Homogeneity: direct engraving with the fiber laser, the dot and printing consistency is reached with color tolerance within 1.

  • Precision: the inking volume tolerance is less than 5%

  • Line range: Inch 50-1200 L(Metric 20-500 L)

  • Shelf life:12 months

  • Main material: seamless steel tube or special AL alloys, imported powder.

  • Machine: Coating system of 3 negative pole, Britain (ALE) Laser Engraving machine, precise grinding lathe.

  • Main measuring instruments: Britain cell meter, thickness meter, hardness meter

  • Widely used in the optical film and cell isolation film printing.

  • Customers: Ningbo Jizhi,

  • Products: screen

  • Usage
     a.Appropriate line, depth and opening way. 
     b.The doctor blade needs refresh when changing cylinders, avoiding excessive pressure. 
     c.Keep the cylinder to the doctor blade.

  • Storage 
     a.Anilox rolls should be stored in dry place to prevent moisture, rain or sun. 
     b.Pack the cylinder after Store the anilox roll before cleaning to clean the packaging, oiling is prohibited on the surface.
     c.hanging vertically and stored with a customized shelf .

  • Clean and Care
     a.After each use in time to clean the surface of the roller, to avoid the ink in the net hole dry solid, plug the network.
     b.Daily maintenance using ceramic anilox roller special wire brush. 
     c.Regularly carry out ultrasonic cleaning, thoroughly remove the residual ink in the mesh.
     d.Prohibit using the strong acid or alkali to clean the roll.

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