Laser Flexo-Plate

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Flexographic printing is a kind of letterpress printing method that the plate is made of soft and flexible material and the ink is transferred by the anilox roller.

Printing Process:






1 ~ 99% Max.200L/inch

2 ~ 95% Max. 150 L/inch

Dot Diameter



Minimum positive line



Minimum negative line



  • Size: maximum 1045*1490mm, the minimum size is not limited.

  • Thickness of plate(mm) : 1.14,1.7,2.28,2.54,2.84,3.94

  • The usage of non-toxic, non-polluting and environmental friendly water-based ink or alcohol volatile ink with fast drying speed;

  • Plate-making cycle is short, 24 hours after finish art approval the tool can be delivered;

  • Fast printing speed (light pressure printing), some domestic machine’s printing speed can reach 200 m/min, top imported machine’s printing speed has reached 600 m/min, the production capacity of flexo press is 2 times higher than the gravure press as customers’ feedback;

  • High press run, the general output is 80 million turns, while the highest output has reached 400 million turns according to customers’ feedback(the specific output volume depends on customers’ actual printing conditions);

  • Compared with gravure printing, there is scratch in flexo-printing; 

  • Wide range of printing materials :paper, cardboard, plastic, AL foil, non-woven fabrics, stickers (28-700g/㎡)

  • One-stop service: glossing, laminating, gold-stamping, die cutting, punching, cutting. and other post-processing equipment, a joint production line, used for packaging and printing: plastic film, wine label, AL foil.

  • Applications: Packaging (oft packaging; Corrugated box;Sticky Label; Paper cups, folding carton); Other application (Paper bag and multi-layer composite bag; Envelope; Architectural decoration material);

  • Classification of inks used: water-based ink, alcohol-based ink, UV ink 

  • Product Type: wallpaper, paper tube, back paper LOGO, tape, tipping paper, non-woven fabrics, notebooks and so on.


  • Packaging: Packed with 5 layers of corrugated paper or box as the protective method. Protective film placed among isolated cylinders.

  • Shipping: Prevent bump, fall, hit, stampede, rain-dropping, exposure, chemical corrosion.

  • Usage: a. Put into production within 1 month. b. Clean the surface with solvents and check the status of printing tools before using. c. Touch the cylinder surface with bare hands is prohibited when dismantle and move the cylinders. d. Clean the inks within 15 min after work stops to avoid blocking of dots. e. Pack the cylinders as “#1.” requirements after cleaning.

  • Storage:Plateshould be stored in the ventilated, dry places with temperature (4~35)℃ and relative humidity (30%~75%). Special protective measurements should be taken among storage, placed along with acid-base corrosive material is strictly prohibited.

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