Special Plate

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  • Feature

  • Feature

  • Precautions

Special cylinders refer to the cylinders for the special areas except tobacco and wall paper, including RFID, milk box, logo of wine, cell tag and leather decoration. We are the first special plate manufacturer in China and have been specialized in the industry for more than 20 years. We have an in-house professional team and the world-class technical and test machines. Supply customers with the high-quality products and customized services.

  • Size: diameter φ: φ120mm ~ φ250mm; Length: 300mm ~ 3000mm; With/without shaft;

  • Material: Seamless tube, the tube thickness and plug-in thickness are customized by the customer.

  • Process range:
    Electro-engraving cylinder Line: 30L / cm ~ 200L / cm, Angle: 30 degrees to 60 degrees, Depth: 10u ~ 70u;
    Laser-engraving cylinder Line: 50L / cm ~ 120L / cm, Angle: 0 degrees to 90 degrees, the dot can be designed by customer’s requirements, Depth 20 μ~200 μ

  • Press run: The output of new cylinders can be 1 million turns. The continuous print output can be 2 million meters without damaging the cylinder.

  • Stability: The first in the paper gravure use the whole process of color management technology, a level of reduction of more than 90%, repeat the production of good stability, put an end to heavy color. 

  • Word processing: Prepress production staff on the word processing, the use of laser plate technology or hybrid technology to ensure that the printed text clear, the word can do the minimum 0.5mm; 

  • Background: The first to use the laser making large background, thick ink, smoothness, color can be controlled within 1;

  • Equipment ensures the quality priority

  • High success rate: Take the lead in the use of leather gravure color management technology, the level of a success rate of nearly 85% or more.

  • Application area: Electronic label, mesh version, milk box packaging, wine label version, battery label, leather version;

  • Major client: Ltd., Shanghai, China, Shanghai, China, Shanghai, China, Shanghai, China, Shanghai, China, Shanghai, China, Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai Dongwei, Jiangsu Yi Di, Shaoxing Yuhua, Shanghai Huafeng, Kunshan Achilles;

  • Market positioning: Domestic high-end customers to develop, such as RFID etching antenna, welfare lottery, fax paper, Danone, Huiyuan, silver heron, Heineken, Harbin beer, Nivea, Tibet glacier water;

  • Printing plate should be used within 3 months after production;

  • Use the solvent before wiping the page protective oil and check the layout;

  • Loading and unloading, handling the plate when prohibited with bare hands directly touch the layout;

  • 15 minutes after the shutdown, the surface of the printing plate should be clean the ink to prevent the residual ink in the net after the hole caused by blocking

  • After use, the residual ink in the layout of the net thoroughly cleaned to the layout of the character, rub the protective oil, the inner layer with soft materials (soft paper, film, etc.) wrapped, the outer layer with blankets or corrugated paper and other materials, placed in the ventilation, , Room temperature (-5 ~ 40 ℃), the relative humidity of less than 65% of the library, the storage should be good protective measures, prohibited with acid and alkali and other corrosive materials placed together.

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