Cylinder for Wall Paper Market

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  • Feature

  • Precautions

We provide cylinders for the soft household furnishing materials including wall paper, wall fabric etc. We set forth to do research on the foaming wall coverings which owns professional production team and advanced equipment. Provide you with quality products and services.

  • Physical size: Diameter φ: φ168 mm ~ φ204mm; Length: 650mm ~ 1200mm; hollow cylinders with/ without shaft can be processed;

  • Base Material: Seamless steel pipe, wall and plug-in thickness can be customized as customers’ requirements;

  • Process Range:
    Electronic-engraved cylinder: Line 45L / cm ~ 70L / cm, angle 45°, the depth of 40u-70u; 
      Laser engraved cylinder: Line 5L / cm ~ 40L / cm, angle 45 °, depth 100u ~ 600u. The cell parameters can be customized.

  • Professional: Using high-end platform scanner, the latest international AVA production software, designed by professional designers, rich colors, the level of soft. 

  • Stability: The first in the wallpaper industry using automatic corrosion equipment, greatly improved stability.

  • Fast delivery:6 electronic-engraving machines and 7 laser-engraving machines ensure the on-time delivery of printing tools. The urgent order can be shipped within 24 hours. 

  • Equipment priority ensures the quality

  • Application areas: Non - woven wallpaper, paper wallpaper, PVC embossed wallpaper, wall cloth;

  • Major customers: Jiangsu Artshow Wallpaper, Jiangsu Coshare Wallpaper, Ningbo Yuanlong Decoration Materials, Suzhou Ordlly Decoration Materials, Kunshan Shuya Decoration Materials and so on;

  • Market Orientation: Worked with domestic top brand to develop cylinders for wallpaper products of high-foaming, gilding, foaming casting pressure and multi-level foaming;

  • Printing plate should be used within 3 months after production;

  • Before the cylinder mounting, wipe out the protective oil on the surface with solvent;

  • Touching with bare hands is prohibited when loading/ unloading/ handling the cylinders;

  • Cleaning the residual inks within 15 minutes after the shutdown to avoid blocking the cell;

  • Stored in the condition of ventilating, dry, temperature(-5~40℃ ). Special protective measurements should be taken among storage, placed along with acid-base corrosive material is strictly prohibited.

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